Somerset Treadle Pump

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Somerset Treadle Pump:

There is a real daily need to overcome a very fundamental water challenge – getting water where it’s needed to efficiently irrigate small-scale crops to help appreciably improve annual crop yield. Addressing this issue will help us to build new markets for our products and those of our partners.”

Designed to best meet the needs of smallholder farmers who grow their own food in emerging markets,  OEM-engineered solution for rural water management needs. The introduction of the treadle pump is the result of extensive field research, including interviews and field tests with smallholder farmers across India, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The Somerset treadle pump requires no electricity and is field-serviceable, with a minimal number of removable parts and no required tools. Taken together, these critical design aspects meet the communicated desires of rural farming communities, the citizen sector organizations who support them and Somerset’s agri-business partners.