Somerset Smart Water Solutions

Somerset Smart Water – Proudly partnered with Xylem     {Click to see Video}

Communities around the world are facing a growing storm. Complex challenges include water scarcity, changing demographics, extreme weather patterns and ageing infrastructure, all contributing to higher increases in the cost of delivering water.

Smart Water Solutions through Somerset address the following issues:

  • Supply of physical equipment
  • Wireless networks and cloud analytics
  • Mobile computing, data modelling and internet of things

Reimagining the economics of water management

Smart Water Solutions offer new ways to address the challenges on water delivery. These are proven solutions that are already delivering dramatic improvements in water production, quality and resilience. Once implemented, these intelligent solutions reduce energy consumption and costs, contribute to lower emissions and vastly improve operational efficiencies.

Somerset Smart Water technologies collect information across a number of pieces of equipment to provide real time reactive management of the system. This enables water managers to remotely and continually monitor operations.

Although the cost of smart water technologies has been a barrier to entry in some regions, equipment cost is now at a point where water utilities are leveraging bulk orders to more quickly adopt these solutions and derive value in their operations