Somerset Solutions & Technologies we provide to Africa

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Energy Efficiency

Services provided to measure and optimise buildings, develop energy reduction roadmap, followed by proven reliable technologies to reduce demand and consumption, then generate energy from renewable sources.

Corporate Indoor Lighting

Major energy reductions with sub 1 year ROI’s for corporate office buildings. Currently serving banks and government.

Warehouse Factory Lighting

HIghly efficient long warranty commercial and industrial Lighting. ROI’s sub 1 year.

LED Street Lighting

We use only the very best in LED street lights, long swopout warranty periods up to 10 or 20 years, Incredible ROI’s. Options are copper grid tied or unique in the world solar powered streetlights, full SANS spec for entire night, 20 year warranties available on solar solutions.

Somerset Smart Water

Proudly partnered with Xylem. Smart Water Solutions in providing city water, processing waste water and hydro electric energy production.